Higos Insurance Services recently came to us asking if we could rebrand a newly aquired website to their current brand. They also wanted the online quotation system within the website rebranded and upgraded. The deadline for this project was however very tight and Higos Insurance wanted the site within a two week turnaround.


The solution was to firstly take the existing Higos brand and rework this into the existing template/theme. Having been built in WordPress this was a simple task and required a simple site duplication onto the new Domain (www.higounderwritingservices.co.uk). From here we could then set the site to propogate from the begining of the project rather than letting the domain propogation  delay the go live date, as can be a problem sometimes. This meant that the site could be set live to the second on completion.


Given just a 10 day turnaround wayuptop.co.uk managed to take the existing site, rebrand it, rebuild an online quotation system and also get the site live within just 7 working days. The result was one very happy client, why don’t you take a look for yourself at www.higosunderwritingservices.co.uk.