Product Management is critical in leading an organization forwards and making strategic product descisions. Often defined within a product roadmap, core strategy, product vision, stakeholder buy-in and meeting constant customer demands are all crucial in the product lifecycle and for future/new release planning.

“Knowing how to articulate a business value to a product team is often the key to delivering sucessful products. Roadmap definition allows for prioritized development and what matters most to the products strategic development goals.

Product Management

As a product manager it is critical to involve and act as a bridge between stakeholders and customers. Guaging user-insights, providing user stories and usecase scenarios are all key elements that form part of the product concept and ideaology.

The main core elements to consider when managing any product project fall under three main categories.

Core Competency

  • Running SCRUM calls and design sprints
  • Customer usability testing
  • Feature requests, prioritization and roadmap planning
  • Resouce allocation / budget control
  • Market analysis
  • Translating business-to-technical requirements
  • Revenue modelling and pricing
  • Identifying success metrics.

Customer Emotion (Intelligence gathering)

Being able to empathize with a customer during an information gathering excercise is key to understanding the overall solution.

Our expertise has allowed us to work with and deliver some amzing product solutions for the following industries:

  • Highstreet retailers
  • Travel and Tour operators
  • RSL / Housing Associations
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNO)
  • Local government organizations
  • Fintech
  • Insuretech
  • Global IT corporations
  • NHS Trust(s)
  • And many other industry types

Relationship Management

The ability to work with our customers is key on any product development project. Having provided inspiring solutions to our customers past and present our aim is to listen and provide you with the best options to succeed with a product.

The most important part to us is our customer relationship and understanding are customers needs.