Here is a nice plugin by OSD, it literally takes two minutes to download and about five minutes to install and setup. Once setup your audience may share your pages, products or posts via LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Email.

So what is it?

OSD Social Media Sharing gives the ability to add sharing buttons anywhere on your site with a WordPress shortcode, or it can be automatically set to generate them based on post or page type. Place sharing in sidebars / widget areas using the WordPress text widget and the OSD Social Media Sharing shortcode. Place the buttons in any content field with the shortcode as well. Simple administration can be found under the settings tab including (ajax) Drag and Drop re-ordering of the buttons, and the ability to add your own sharing icons. Remove the icons on a per post basis using the check box in the right sidebar of the edit post screen.

The benefits of this plugin

This plugin does not hook into the content filter for post type based display!! this means that the sharing buttons will only appear ONE time on your pages, not all over the place like some other plugins.

Simple to use Shortcode: [osd_social_media_sharing]

Once set up the social icons will appear within your page or post as follows…..Simple!


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