is a new start up that is focussed on the low end ‘Cheap Building Chemical’ supply industry. Having grown out of the high end chemical supply industry it became apparent that there was a huge gap in the low end chemical supply marketplace.

Having worked with our client on previous projects we were asked to provide a full eCommerce solution to allow Tradechem to supply direct to the public via a web site store and also via eBay . The one main proviso was the system had to be built in Magento.

The project was built utilising Magento and various plugins to allow the full functionality that the client had specified. One element of the functionality was that the system had to allow for telephone ordering and for the call centre operatives to be able to use the system as a terminal to process the payment online without having to enter in any of the secured by visa processes. The solution was to adopt a custom module and implement some custom code allowing the system to be used in either online/offline mode. The system was integrated into the Worldpay payment gateway and utilises SSL security with fully responsive mobile templates.

We will shortly be running an SEO campaign for Tradechem and enhancing the website further in the months to come.